Breakthrough device for tremor reduction –
VILIM ball

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VILIM ball is the first and the only CE marked medical device for hand tremor reduction.

Device implements artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms which analyzes tremors and adapts to each patient individually.


The device reduces hand tremor for approximately 4 of 5 patients


Fully personalized mechanical vibration therapy takes only 10 minutes per a hand


Reduction in tremor intensity lasts for up to 4 hours (90 minutes average)

Application for hand tremor

We have released an application for hand tremor measurement. It's useful in many ways:

• Glass: postural tremor measure by holding the phone
• Picture: action tremor analysis using hand drawings
• Drawing: action tremor measure by drawing figures

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We are team VILIMED - an European startup born from extensive research in biomechanics and medicine.

Our mission is to boost global well-being by combating illnesses through innovative intersections of science, technology, and imagination.