We are team VILIMED – medical technology startup based in Kaunas Science and Technology Park in Lithuania.

The idea for the VILIM ball came from a PhD thesis on rheumatoid arthritis treatment with mechanical stimulations. Research in cooperation with Lithuanian University of Health Sciences gave a way to test vibration technologies also on patients with hand tremors. The test led to a promising conclusion- the device reduced symptoms for hand tremor patients. Since then we shifted our focus to this field with one goal – to help patients with hand tremors.

Vilimed team

Research, development and certification

Birth of an idea led to a five years long journey through research, development and certification process. Even though initial prototype was plane and simple, constant improvements led to a complex device incorporating artificial intelligence algorithms with state-of-the-art technology. Finally the device was tested for safety and performance and we received CE and ISO 13485 certificates. The certificate means that the therapeutic device is safe and effective for patients with essential tremor and meets all applicable standards as a medical device. It is important for distribution not only geographically, but also because the device will now be available for purchased and used in medical facilities. It can also be recommended by the clinicians for their patients.

Introduction to market and manufacturing

The effectiveness of the technology has been demonstrated, benefiting thousands of individuals. Yet, many patients and healthcare professionals remain unaware of the VILIM ball’s existence. We are striving to change that. We are working to ensure that every Essential tremor patient has access to an enhanced quality of life, regardless of their financial condition, medical state or geographical location.

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Our team is the strength of our company. We have assembled a team of various great specialists and for a number of years we are working together to achieve a common goal. 100% dedication, faith in our product, systematic and persistent work has taken us to where we are now.

Our story

Mantas Venslauskas

CEO, PhD in Biomechanics

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Andrius Juknevicius

CPO, Masters of Biomedical engineering

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Edvinas Litvinas

CTO, Masters of Data analytics - Mathematics

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Silvijus Abramavicius

CMO, PhD in Medical sciences

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Benas Ranauskas

Machine learning specialist, B.S.C.S.

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Karolina Venslauskienė

HRM, Masters in organizational Psychology

Milestone Plan & Achievements

June 2018

VILIM ball prototype research

January 2019

JSC Vilimed was launched

November 2020

Patent was expanded

January 2021

Safety testing at accredited laboratories

December 2020

Successful EN ISO 13485 certification

February 2021

Successful EU CE mark certification

May 2022

Start of trials with Parkinson's patients

December 2022

Sourced investment funding

March 2023

Start of serial production

September 2023

Clinical evidence confirmed by post-market data

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