Counterfeit devices

Various copies of VILIM ball tend to appear on the internet. Their life cycle follow a similar pattern: they’re sold on popular websites for a few months, then get banned for safety issues or other problems. Various arguments highlight the risks associated with purchasing or even trying such counterfeit devices, emphasizing the potential for unnecessary risks. This article is dedicated to explaining 3 main arguments: safety, efficacy, and accountability.

They are dangerous

Counterfeit devices are not tested against safety standards and are often made from poor-quality materials. This means they could easily catch fire, burn, or electrocute users. We all have heard stories of phones catching fire because of battery malfunctions. Cheap counterfeit devices carry the same risks but at a much greater level. For example, one counterfeit device was acquired and disassembled, revealing alarming findings. The internal battery lacked a protection circuit, and the wires were poorly soldered and hanging all around the internal elements. The risks associated with such devices make it a matter of when, not if, accidents will occur. Users have also reported the device exploding in their hands!

The VILIM ball is designed and manufactured to comply with the highest safety requirements. This was proven by rigorous testing according to various safety standards, such as the EN EIC 60601 series. Our internal battery contains many levels of protection and complies with a well-known safety standard EN IEC 62133. Compliance with the IP22 ingress protection level guarantees required water and dust protection for safe home use. Finally, overall device quality is guaranteed by compliance with the EN ISO 13485 quality management standard.

Examples on what can happen when the device is manufactured in a cheap and dangerous manner can be found easily on the internet. We present you with such example in the image below. This is a review on a popular e-shop that was written specifically for a product that tried to copy our device in a cheap and dangerous manner.

Bad review for cheap copy device

Low efficacy

Cheap copies of our counterfeit devices are often made to look similar on the outside. However, the insides differ very significantly. The logic and working mechanism behind tremor reduction through mechanical stimulation is a complex task. VILIM ball involves many sensors that measure hand tremors and the trembling generated by the device. Many artificial intelligence (AI) and signal processing algorithms are involved to automatically adapt therapy to each patient individually. We spent many years researching and developing the logic and hardware to reach the current level of efficacy. Devices that generate random vibrations are unlikely to have a positive effect on hand tremors. Cheap copies usually do not have any logic at all. They are simple vibrators; therefore, the tremor reduction is unlikely and a matter of luck or coincidence.

No accountability

Companies who specialize in copy and re-production of various medical devices are “no names”. This means they hide their true identity through a chain of fake companies and individuals. It is often very hard to contact sellers or manufacturers. Moreover, no one could be held accountable if any serious accidents would occur. At the same time, our company works according to the European Union regulations and rules set by local authorities. We provide user support, repair guarantees, and all the accountability any user expects to receive.

We feel obliged to inform you about the differences between such counterfeits️ and VILIM ball. If you have any questions about the VILIM ball you can visit our website or contact us. Our customer our support will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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