VILIMED is engaged to satisfy its customers by providing of high-quality products.

This will be achieved by complying to and maintenance of the effectiveness of the standard EN ISO 13485 and other regulations.

This will be translated on clear objectives that should be reviewed regularly by the management and presented to all employees.

The company main quality objectives will be:

  • Deliver High Quality products on time to its customers with introduction of new products
  • Build an organization where employees will be trained to deliver life quality increasing products
  • Improve the organization to evolve with the different technologies
  • To create global scale medical device solutions
  • Clearly communicate and review Quality policy within the organization for suitability of company’s deliverable products.

To maintain a clear communication, this Quality Policy is displayed throughout the organization.

It will also be reviewed regularly by the management to confirm suitability to the organization.

Implementing quality management system conforming to EN ISO 13485 standard, we take care of its effectiveness, ensure compliance with legal and other requirements. We are flexible due to the context of constantly changing environment always evaluating the achievements while reviewing policies and objectives. Our employees are participating in quality management processes. They are constantly informed about the organization’s intentions.


CEO    Mantas Venslauskas


CTO    Edvinas Litvinas