VILIMED is firmly committed to meeting the needs of our valued customers by providing top-notch quality product – therapeutic device for tremor reduction (VILIM ball, HABEO).
We are dedicated to achieving this goal by strictly adhering to and continually enhancing our compliance with the EN ISO 13485 standard and other relevant regulations. Our management team regularly reviews clear and well-defined objectives, which are communicated comprehensively to all our employees.

Our primary quality objectives are:
– Ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality products to our customers, including the introduction of innovative solutions.
– Fostering an organizational culture where employees receive systematic training to deliver products that enhance the quality of life.
– Continuously improving our organization to stay at the forefront of evolving technologies.
– Pioneering global-scale medical device solutions.
– Maintaining transparent communication and regularly reviewing our Quality Policy throughout the organization to ensure alignment with our product deliverables.

We prioritize transparent communication by prominently displaying this Quality Policy throughout our organization. Our management team diligently reviews the policy to confirm its continued relevance and alignment with our organizational objectives.
Through the rigorous implementation of a quality management system in line with the EN ISO 13485 standard, we proactively manage our company’s effectiveness, uphold product safety, and ensure strict compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. We recognize the ever-changing nature of our operational environment and remain flexible while actively involving all our employees in the quality management process. Simultaneously, we conduct ongoing evaluations of our achievements as we review our policies and objectives, ensuring that our employees are well-informed about the organization’s overarching intentions.


CEO    Mantas Venslauskas

CTO    Edvinas Litvinas

Revision no.: 4

Date: 2023-09-01

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