Tremor reducing device –
VILIM ball.

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What is VILIM Ball?

VILIM ball is a therapeutic device for hand tremor reduction. It relieves symptoms for Essential tremor patients. Shaky hands complicates eating, drinking, writing and other daily tasks. However, the VILIM ball is here to help!

90% of those who tested VILIM ball, reported it as effective. The device’s working principles are based on mechanical vibration stimulation. We gathered evidence of the fact that that 10 minutes of therapy can reduce hand tremor for a period up to 4 hours.

Mobile application for hand tremor measurement

We have released an application for hand tremor measurement.The app contains many functions. The 4 main are:

  • Drawing: action tremor measure by drawing on the screen.
  • Glass: postural tremor measure by holding device steady in front of you.
  • Picture: tremor measure by taking pictures of hand drawn spirals.
  • Tapping: experimental measurement that is still in the development phase.

Learn about us

JSC Vilimed specializes in the development, certification, and commercialization of innovative medical devices. The company is currently working on the handheld therapeutic device, which reduces hand tremor – VILIM ball.