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    Fill the following form to return VILIM ball. Our team will contact you with further instructions. (Don't forget to check your spam/junk folder) Name


    VILIM ball serial number

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    1. What tremors do you have?

    2. How many days in total did you use the VILIM ball?

    3. Please rate the severity of your tremor before you use the VILIM ball. From 0 (I don't have any) to 10 (I have a very severe tremor).

    4. What is your age?

    5. Do you have tremor from birth?

    If no, then from what age tremor started?

    6. Have you used the VILIM ball for at least 14 days (3 times per day) to make it fully personalized?

    (If not, we recommend to continue using VILIM ball so that it fully adapts to your tremor and can choose the most effective therapy for your individual needs) 7. Do you have any resting tremors?

    (If not, have you tried to use other VILIM ball holding positions to increase the effectiveness of the device? Try these tips to increase the effectiveness of the therapy. Link to video: YouTube )

    8. How often did you use the VILIM ball after personalization was completed?

    9. Please rate how much VILIM ball therapy has helped you to reduce your tremors from 0 (did not help at all) and 10 (reduced all my tremors).

    10. If you are not satisfied with the effectiveness of the VILIM ball, have you tried taking a break and not using it (for example, for a week)?

    (If not, we recommend trying. We get feedback from clients that taking a break makes it easier to assess the effectiveness of the therapy and to assess the impact of the device more clearly)

    11. Did any of your relatives or friends noticed any reduction of your tremor?

    (Sometimes it's harder to notice tremor reduction when it gradually decreases and other person can see the difference more clearly)

    12. Have you been using Steady Hands app to evaluate your hand tremor? If yes, can you provide us with your registered account email?

    (If you haven't seen or used Steady Hands app you can download it for Android and iOS)

    13.Have you felt more stressed recently?

    (High levels of stress can reduce the effectiveness of the therapy, which is why we recommend using the device for longer periods.)

    14. Do you drink more than one cup of coffee a day? How many cups?

    15. Please add additional information about your illness/other conditions and used medications while using the VILIM ball?

    16. Is the VILIM ball in good condition without usage marks?

    (Refund amount might be reduced if the returned device requires refurbishing)

    17. Does it have all accessories?

    (Refund amount might be reduced if accessories are not returned)

    18. Describe your experience while using the VILIM ball.

    19. Why do you want to return the VILIM ball?

    20. What other devices or medications have you tried before? Have they provided you with any benefits?

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